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This Issue Is?

Every day forklifts spew out dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Dangerous gas hangs in the air like a toxic cloud. In fact, forklifts are the primary source for unhealthy CO levels in most work places.

Why should a Company consider dealing with the Issue?

  • Government Regulations - OSHA mandates strict limits for the amount of carbon monoxide that is acceptable in the workplace.
  • Employee Health - CO can cause many health problems for employees. These problems range from headaches to nausea and in some extreme cases even death. CO accumulates within the bloodstream of those who inhale it.
  • Timing - Fall and Winter are the worst time of the year for high CO levels. As the weather grows colder, companies begin to shut windows, dock doors, etc., thus decreasing ventilation and increasing CO levels within their warehouse.

The Solution:

  1. Make sure your forklift is properly tuned.
  2. Check tailpipe emissions.
  3. Call United Fork Lifts!

Testing includes the following:

  • Tailpipe exhaust reading
  • Carburetor adjustment
  • CO results printout 



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